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Principal speaker

Registered physiotherapist

Sponsored athlete

Psychology-trained bookworm

Lover of cats

"Thank you for being here to find out more about us. I'm incredibly proud to be associated with the people listed on this page. Part of the reason I work with them is because they are exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable, but that's only part of the story. Each of them demonstrate great integrity, compassion and wisdom in their work, and that makes all the difference when you are tackling topics around psychological health and emotional awareness."

Professional facilitator

Qualified school teacher

University educator

Trail runner

Fan of trees

Team S&W - Matt C.jpg

Change leadership expert

Myers Briggs practitioner

NLP practitioner

Qualified hypnotherapist

Math geek

Team S&W - Mia H.jpg

Leadership expert

Executive coach

Public speaking aficionado

NLP practitioner

Avid meditator