Smith & Wellness provide professional development and personal growth services that focus on training you and your people to become mentally fitter. Our expertise in human cognition, behaviour, and social-emotional awareness helps us to help you, in the following areas:


Whether from a people & culture perspective, or an occupational health & safety lens, the health and wellbeing of your staff is of paramount importance.


Your people are your best asset - how can you enable them to consistently be at their best?


Do you know how to move from good to great?

Let Smith & Wellness design a custom strategy for you to improve the mental strength, endurance and flexibility of your team. Watch your productivity, performance and outcomes soar!


Marina Volandes once said "Many fear public speaking even more than death itself". She also went on to say "...but there is nothing to fear. Speaking is one way to share the wisdom that lives within us, and silence is one way to welcome regret".

We happily share our own strategies for effective speaking, so that you can share your wisdom, your truth and your voice.


We know that it can be lonely at the top, and the demands of leadership are high and ever-changing.

Smith & Wellness provides group training and individual coaching for emerging and established leaders across multiple industries. Let us work with you to evolve your own authentic leadership style that makes you feel fulfilled and gets the best results from your team.