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We are a team of expert speakers and educators who believe that mental fitness is the foundation for living our best lives.




We deliver professional development and personal growth services, with key messages that are grounded in neuroscience and a deep understanding of the human mind.

If you or your team are seeking special know-how in order to grow and thrive, contact us at Smith & Wellness to discuss the possibilities that are open to you.


Do you have a group you would like to bring onto the same page, so they can progress together in the right direction?

A great guest speaker will not only educate - they will unite your group with new perspectives that inspire action. Connect with us to find your next source of inspiration.


Knowledge sharing is one of our passions, which is why our speaking team also provide workshops, courses and programs.

If you or your organisation are seeking upskilling in health and wellbeing principles, leadership, public speaking or performance optimisation, speak to us today.


Our founder Bek Smith has a special interest in leading change within the fitness industry.

If you believe that mental fitness is a key component to physical health outcomes, we deliver programs designed to shift gym mindsets and educate on the neuroscience of exercise and wellbeing. Let's talk.

"What a brilliant day. I've left  feeling very grateful... no words will ever express how

appreciative I truly am."


Smith & Wellness workshop participant