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Smith & Wellness are experts in psychological wellbeing. Whether you want to understand and improve your own mindset, or you're motivated to help others, our signature course PERMANENTLY INSPIRED has been designed with you in mind.​

Based on research evidence from the social sciences, this program draws on multiple models of wellbeing to deliver practical real-world skills you can start using straight away, for yourself or with the people you work with. We cover ten cognitive and emotional skills that have been curated from positive psychology and neuroscience, specifically: 











how to be calm in the face of anxiety

how savouring positive emotions is the antidote for the voice in your head that tells you you're not good enough


how your values can save you from addictive and avoidant behaviours that are stopping you getting what you want


why comparison is an ugly trap and how to get out of it


why people-pleasing is the biggest barrier to belonging, and

how embracing your authentic self changes everything


why we put on that "I've got everything together" mask, and how to take it off safely to connect more deeply with others


how to embrace uncertainty in an increasingly uncertain world


how to create more meaning and joy in your life, your work and your exercise routine


why perfectionism is the biggest lie going around, and how to achieve more by freeing yourself from it


why exhaustion is the new normal, and how to break the cycle of busy to get back to health

Interested in becoming a better version of yourself - inside AND out?

Know somebody else who would benefit from becoming Permanently Inspired?

Our next workshop is in Adelaide on Friday 18th January 2019

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