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Are you on the right path?

I want positive change for the world. The state of our society and the state of our global community sadden me. There is so much hatred and judgment in the spaces which could be filled with love and acceptance, joy and belonging, peace and connection. We will only ever see peace in the world when each and every one of us shines love and peace from within.

And herein lies my work - moving towards a more evolved self, fuelled by and demonstrating the virtues of self-compassion, self-acceptance and self-love, so that I may be a guide for others to do the same. When we all realise that we are the masters of our own lives, the gatekeepers to our own fulfilment and the decision-makers for freedom, we can simply step out of the false prision we create for ourselves.

This prison is built from the approval of other people, the need for external validation, images painted for us by people who want our money, and who we believe when they suggest we are not rich enough, pretty enough, muscular enough, smart enough, accomplished enough, whatever enough - so ENOUGH! You are enough! You are already whole and complete and a perfect part of the complete wholeness of the universe.

I know many of you will choose to remain fixed in your old beliefs, that there is a certain comfort in familiar ways and being a servant to others' agendas instead of pursuing your own. That's ok, it may not be time for your evolution yet. I also know many of you are seeking a new way of being, and are willing to let go of the old beliefs that have stopped you (thus far) from being who you truly are - beautiful, unique complete and wondrous.

I do not claim to have reached any particular destination, but I do know I am on my path and moving ever closer to pure love, joy and peace. My hope is to leave the world in a better state than I found it. It could take many hundreds of thousands of years to see bliss and harmony fully expressed on our planet, or it could happen in an instant - IF everybody decided for it to be so. What do you choose? Do you choose the status quo, do you choose fear, isolation and judgment, or do you walk the path with me of love, connection and unity?

The important distinction, then, is whether you are waiting for everybody else to make it ok for you, or whether you give yourself permission to be authentically, unapologetically YOU - the creator of your life, your future, your destiny, and one who opens yet another door of opportunity for peace. Walk with me, or choose not to, but either way know that nobody but you can decide how you feel about yourself, your life and your existence.

Drop us a line if you hear and feel truth in these words, and let's find ways together to elevate and evolve.

This post was originally published in the Live It Up Events blog - visit the website to find out more about well-being for individuals, parents and businesses.

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